Buy tickets only through official ticket channel!

Datum : 08/11/18

Please buy Rock Werchter/Werchter Boutique/TW Classic tickets only through the official ticket agencies: or!

We know that some of you use Google or other search engines as your first port of call and are - as a consequence - often misled by the advertising practices of the secondary market. Avoid ending up buying tickets from non-official resale sites, often at vastly inflated prices! Contrary to tickets purchased via the official ticket agencies, tickets purchased on the secondary market do not guarantee validity. All too often we find that fraudulent tickets are offered via these channels. It is possible that tickets purchased on a parallel market are on the blacklist, so the access to the festival will be refused. Be smart, buy wise!  Read more here. In case you are the victim of misleading practices, report the problem with the authorities here. #ilovemyticket #buysmart #toutsout